AFTER THE JUMP – is a little IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, a little NICK AND NORA’S INFINITE PLAYLIST and a lot of DOPE. This film aims to create a letter of hope to young post millennials who crave being nowhere more than dealing with the challenges of life. With two African American female lead characters, we are making #blackgirlmagicalrealism. This film will share a message of resilience to young women who have considered suicide when they are each brilliant and magical enough.

Our story starts with Michelle on the edge of a bridge when a chance encounter with graffiti artist, Phoenix, postpones her decision to jump for one more night. They travel through Los Angeles’ subculture of street art and music before Michelle’s reality and past mistakes catch up to her and she has to make a final stand for herself one way or another.


My personal connection to the material stems partially from the inner dialogue I often have with myself. A great deal of the care-free snarkiness found in the PHOENIX character is inspired by who imagine I would be like if I had no “home training”. She just let’s all hang out and I love that about her. It’s been a joy to write for her and share the conversations she has with the generally stoic and much more responsible MICHELLE. Beyond my affinity for the lead characters, I am also inspired to contribute whatever I can to the suicide prevention conversation. This is an issue that is close to my heart for many reasons. While I was a graduate student at NYU one of my classmates, also an African American woman, jumped off the Tisch Arts building during my time there. Imagining her feelings of isolation and at being lost in the world left an indelible mark on me. Her journey was part of the initial inspiration for this project. I hope the film provides a snapshot of some of the post-millennial struggle with hyper representation on social media and how they deal with it. Overall my intentions with creating AFTER THE JUMP are to make a film that reflects my unique artistic vision, that feels culturally specific with universal themes, and shares a story of resilience with someone who may need a reminder. MARQUETTE JONES FILMMAKER


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Lead. (early twenties)
A law student who is uncomfortable in her own skin and having the worse night of her life. brainiac
Art Credit: "Aqua Girl" by Brian O'Riordan
Art Credit: “Aqua Girl” by Brian O’Riordan


Lead. (late teens - early twenties)
She gives the permanent middle finger to what people think about the wild, risk taking way she lives her life and regularly leaves her mark on the world through her art and trickster ways.


(late teens - early twenties)

Girlfriend of Corey. Fashion marketing major.  Her patronus is Black Chyna or Kylie Jenner depending on her mood.  She has 28-inch Brazilian Wavy ambitions of being internet famous at least.

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(late teens - early twenties)  

 Shay’s ride or die BFF.  She is “Gayle” to Shay’s inner Oprah - loyal to a fault but still trying to have her own thing going on. These two are the urban version of Lucy and Ethel.

Actress KELLIE SWEET is just like her name implies. Beyond that, she's a beauty & fashion vlogger, comedian, and model. Viewers flock to Kellie Sweet for her honest humor and accessible tips in fashion and beauty. Kellie has interviewed celebrities like Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, and hopes to one day have her own talk show titled, “The Sweet Life”. In addition to hosting, Kellie is excited to expand her career in comedy, acting and fashion. Kellie has worked with Glossier, FOX, and go90.
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While a profit cannot be promised, with industry trends and the loyalty of the intended audience, we believe that our investors will see a solid return. We have a very robust marketing and distribution plan for this independent film project that includes a grass roots build, digital and social media campaign series, as well as traditional publicity and promotions. Our plans are designed with the intent for audience appeal and industry recognition. Please contact us to discuss the various levels of investor participation.
Marquette Jones

Marquette Jones, Esq.

Writer / Director
Marquette is currently teaching film production and editing at The University of Alabama. She began her filmmaking journey in her hometown, Youngstown, Ohio. Marquette is an alumni of New York University’s Film and Television Production graduate program. Before becoming a filmmaker, Marquette was a public interest attorney and social entrepreneur in Oakland, California.

Her directing work includes ROUND ON BOTH SIDES, TUNK, HEROES WANTED and STREETS 2 SUITES (lensed by Bradford Young). Her latest movie, FORGIVING CHRIS BROWN, manages to provide sharp commentary of the current obsession with celebrity culture while keeping the audience entertained with edgy comedy. Her films have been featured on Amazon Video, PBS, Showtime, KweliTV, Aspire TV, BET, IFC, StreamPlix and other broadcast & digital outlets. She has also directed several commercial spots, which led to both a Telly Award and Aurora Award for excellence in storytelling.

As a producer, Marquette’s credits include Andrea Williams’ SPOONFUL OF SUGAR, Alrick Brown’s ADVENTURES OF SUPERN*GGER, and Tamika Guishard’s JACKIE. Her past filmmaking-related awards include: New York University’s Warner Bros. Production Award, Panasonic‘s “P2 for a Cause” Grand Prize Winner, Fotokem Film Processing Grant, Woods Hole Film Festival, Best Short Screenplay Winner for “Free’s Rain”, ProMotion Pictures / Heineken Branded Entertainment Shorts Competition Winner, Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival Best Short Narrative, and First Run Festival’s Producing Award.

When she is not busy writing, producing, or directing, Marquette indulges her obsession with color through her ever-growing nail polish collection and her podcast dedicated to women filmmakers, Directing Magic.
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Alberlynne "Abby" Woods

Alberlynne Woods, affectionately known as “Abby”, is a native of Los Angeles, California. In 2015 she launched Quartermain Media along with her partner, James Woods Jr. Abby continues to defy labels and categories while creating powerfully visual stories. Abby is YouTube Certified and works as a Creative Director, Screenwriter and TV/Film Producer. Her experience with advertising and brand integration are never lost on her desire to elevate the media landscape to include more diversity. She has worked with other top brands including Sephora, Sony, and Paramount Pictures. With over 15 years of progressively responsible experience as a project manager with an emphasis on digital interactive marketing campaigns, experiential marketing, and creative strategy, she is known for her strategic planning, creative development, and production capabilities. Abby earned her BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and her JD and MBA from the University of Southern California.

Sandi Johnson

Sandi is an Emmy Award winning Executive Producer with over fifteen years of experience in television, film and theater. She has overseen an array of successful and popular television programming, notably Undercover Boss (Emmy winner for Best Reality Program), Hell’s Kitchen, and The Bachelor, as well as all current series, pilots, specials and presentations at Collins Avenue in her 3 years as Vice President/Senior Vice President. On the film side, Sandi started out working for Paul Mezey and Susannah Ludwig on critically acclaimed films like Jim McKay’s OUR SONG and Tom Gilroy’s SPRING FORWARD. She has also worked for Jersey Films and Goldheart, and went on to produce several shorts, including “Weekend Getaway,” starring Will Arnett, and FORWARD starring Amy Ryan and Nick Offerman, which premiered at the Austin Film Festival. She graduated with a B.A. in English Literature & Theater from Smith College, and
Marquette Jones
marquettejones at gmail.com www.hotcombpics.com

Sharri Hefner
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